We have successfully refined the manufacturing process to ensure your products are produced, proofed, and managed with an extremely high level of project transparency. Our four generations of packaging manufacturers are here to lead you through the process. We have the ability to run 10,000 units of custom packaging with less than 3% margin of error.



USA Project Manager

We have highly skilled project managers located in the USA to ensure the communication between the client and factory is clear and well articulated, while also maintaining diligent timeline execution.

China Management Team

Our ground team is in place to ensure visibility and quality control where and when its important. Our ground team both domestically and overseas consists of project managers, engineers, quality control personnel, logistics managers and designers. We are able to provide real time reporting so there is transparency during the manufacturing process. Services include:

  • Detailed video reviews / live and via email
  • High-resolution digital picture proofs
  • Post and pre-production approvals
  • Live ground reporting.

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Factory Supply Chain Management

At Process CN we qualify every factory partner and institute high level working relationships to ensure the best manufacturing practices are upheld. Sourcing over the Internet has opened the doors for many people to be their own supply chain, however, usually with end with sub-standard results and costly mistakes. Our trained and experienced factory management teams are located on-site and work with our factory partners’ daily. We succeed in global sourcing due to our hard work and commitment to provide the best service to our clients.

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Logistics & Shipping Management

Our logistics experts are ready to serve you in both China and the USA.

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