Custom Packaging, Made Easy

Process CN is a custom shipper box factory from Dongguan in China. All of our custom packaging, shipper box, and monthly subscription packaging is based on our clients’ packaging need. With the increased capabilities in China, we offer our clients greater options and customization in their printed shipper box manufacturing. Available techniques include matte or glossy lamination, varnished, spot treatments, foil stamping, and many others!


Shipper boxes we produced for Reddit's redditgifts campaign

Customization = Increased Perceived Value

The traditional shipper box or poly mailer isn’t exciting, yes, for the package recipient the product that lies inside is what is really interesting. However, this is already a missed opportunity to promote and reinforce a brand experience and messaging. We can all agree that even a companies logo printed on a bag or box creates a higher perceived value but why stop there?

Custom boxes never go unnoticed. Successful online retailers have taken full advantage of this potential marketing space and know the value it holds. A typical package will get delivered to a home, apartment, dorm room or office building, and come across many potential customers along the way to its final owner. You may even spot them in the recycling bin. With this in mind, packaging should tell the brand story while also increasing the perceived value of the brand.

Custom Packaging – Shipper Box - Monthly Subscription Packaging

Front tuck closure is ideal for shipper and subscription boxes

Custom Packaging – Shipper Box - Monthly Subscription Packaging

Litho-Laminated printing is superior in image quality for shipper boxes

Custom Packaging – Shipper Box - Monthly Subscription Packaging

Shipper boxes are the new in-store display for e-commerce brands and monthly subscription services

​20 Day Shipper Box Production

​Our factory has the ability to dramatically increase the time it takes to manufacture custom packaging. We have the ability to produce high quantity litho-laminated corrugate boxes in record time.

Most Common Size Shipper Box

The E flute corrugated printed box is our most featured corrugated box. Every year we export nearly a million pcs of the litho printed E flute boxes.

Shipper Box Artwork

Our USA design agency can offer you the free printed box templates or die-lines for your designs, this means you can have a perfect corrugated printed box during the mass production.

Our USA project managers are ready to help every step of the way so you get a high quality box without having to work on China hours or be limited by the communication barrier.​ We offer USA customer service and sales to help accommodate the needs of our western clients.

Get Started on your Next Packaging Project.

We are ready for your next custom shipper box project. Call now get in-touch with one of our highly knowledgeable packaging specialists. If you don't know where to start they will help you understand the best size and type of packaging for your need. If you know what you're looking for then they will help you immediately price and get your production started!