5 Reasons to Custom Produce Your Next Marketing Campaign

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1) Impact

Will your promotional product leave an impression? Or will you sacrifice impact because of limited timeline? Will it be looked at as another low brow advertisement and be easily forgotten, or will it be the golden product that sets a new standard?

To increase ROI, the product must carry a higher perceived value. To truly align with a client’s marketing objectives you must integrate at a deeper level within their business and learn the pain point the marketing team is aiming to overcome. This not only makes you a valuable asset to their business. Additionally, you will unlock a longer timeline to work within, giving you an even greater opportunity to produce a product that makes an impact.

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A survey issued by PPAI asked, “Are more expensive gifts perceived differently than inexpensive ones?” The answer, “If a logo-imprinted promotional product perceived to be expensive was handed out, the majority of respondents say they would believe the item was given to them as both an advertising medium and a gift”.

Furthermore, that same group surveyed answered “if a logo-imprinted promotional product perceived to be inexpensive was handed out, the majority of respondents say they would believe the item was given to them as an advertising medium”.

This key distinction between gift and advertising brings us to our next reason, shareability.

2) Shareability

Marketing products now need to activate and engage with the recipient so deeply that theyneed to share it across their social platforms…

Marketing products existed long before social media and therein lies the problem. It’s time to adapt. Expectations have never been higher and will only continue to grow as our technology becomes more advanced. If you aren’t delivering a product worthy of sharing digitally, then you are leaving the majority of marketing ROI on the table. This is no secret, as every agency has specialized digital marketing teams whose sole goal is promoting brand messaging into the web of social networks.

Marketing products now need to activate and engage with the recipient so deeply that they need to share it across their social platforms.

The upside to the millennial generation is that when you actually connect with them, they will go out of their way to share the experience with friends and colleagues. It is because of this hyper-connectivity in social media that it becomes essential to deliver a product worthy of sharing.

3) Retention

We won’t even get started on the difficulty and cost of winning the attention of new customers…

Any coincidence that attention rhymes with retention?

Attention spans have never been shorter and because of this, it has never been harder for brands to keep customers looking in their direction.

Creating loyalty and retention takes more than a screen-printed $0.99 promotional product. Keeping your customers loyal is exponentially cheaper in the long run, as opposed to attracting new ones. This makes it essential that your team is able to deliver a wide range of capabilities in custom products. This will again resolve a major pain point for most of your clients and reaffirm that you are invaluable to their marketing objectives.

4) Experience

The evolution of promotional products carries the great burden of staying ahead of the curve…

One of the fundamental goals of marketing is to create an experience. The evolution of marketing products carries the great burden of staying ahead of the curve. By providing memorable assets you will fuel a memorable experience.

When done correctly promotional products elevate an experience to live on in the minds of customers long after the event. Just look at what music festivals and Las Vegas nightclubs have grown into in the last 5 years. They have figured out the level of experience needed to connect with modern music fans and custom promotional products play a heavy role in this.

Look no further than the music festival Coachella. Their fully customized giveaways and freebies are delivered by festival sponsors and by the festival itself when you purchase a ticket.  (welcome box)

5) Margin

At long last, the holy grail of custom promotional product manufacturing, the increased margin.

Along with the increased value you are able to provide clients, custom marketing products carry increased margin as well.

By working directly with our factory partners you gain access to full product margin with no middlemen.

In summary,

  • One aspect of marketing that has stood the test of time is promotional products. However, expectations have increased and those that stay ahead of the curve will see the biggest success.
  • Millennial social media networks unlock the unlimited potential for brand exposure if approached strategically.
  • Think “gift” not “advertisement”.
  • A custom product will always deliver a greater impact and exponentially increase overall ROI.
  • It has never been more important to offer increased promotional sales solutions to your clients.
  • you can increase your margin when working factory direct and not 3rd party middlemen.



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