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Ernie Ball, The world’s leading manufacturer of guitar strings and accessories, has been the brand behind the rockstars for decades. Their high-quality products have been used to create the unique sound of world-class guitarists like Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Slash, and Buddy Guy. By using the latest technologies and the finest materials, Ernie Ball continuously provides opportunity to invent create your personal sound and an incomparable amount of expressive options. Process was engaged to generate class-leading sustainable plastic packaging for Ernie Ball’s newest line of expression pedal products.


Ernie Ball launched both an Expression Overdrive and an Ambient Delay with foot sweepable control that provides an endless range of effects. All while letting your hands stay on the guitar. Here at Process AG, we were extremely inspired by its rockstar design and sleek gold and rose gold materials. We recognized the beauty and significance of this product line and were compelled to design a package that treated the products with the respect they deserve. Taking inspiration from museum display cases, we designed and manufactured this sustainable plastic packaging using eco-friendly PET plastic. We created a display case look allowing an unobscured view of the pedals. Light spills into the package and reflects off the metallic pedal housing. We mimicked the material for each pedal with a clever use of metallic paper. Paired with a matte black soft touch finish, this sustainable plastic packaging has the rockstar look it deserves. A product worthy of the greats, deserved packaging of the greatest.


ere at Process, our goal is to help companies create unique custom packaging to dress a product the nines. Through our expertise and creative vision, we strive to create innovative packaging catered specifically to your company. Have an idea or want more information on plastic packaging options? Contact us at 1 (801) 532-3457 or email us at

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It’s no secret that our world revolves in and around the internet. Over the growth of technology, we are seeing more and more companies completely running business online. By doing this, customers have access to shop for anything they could ever possibly need. This has cut out the physical, face-to-face connection with customers. So how can a company stand out and truly engage with its consumers? The answer is: Creative, custom shipper boxes.

Giving Your Company a “Face” Through Custom Shipper Boxes

Companies all over the world are running business completely online. Thus, eliminating employee-customer interaction. With the abundance of online companies emerging, standing out in the sea of competitors can be difficult without a physical presence. Acknowledging this fact, we have created custom shipper boxes that help give the customer a sense of the brand. By using unique, custom shipper boxes, the buyer is left with a longer lasting impression compared to competitors.


Create an Experience

Shipper boxes are essential for getting a package from point A to point B. Plain and Simple. But why not make receiving a package an experience? By customizing and creating shipper boxes with interesting and unique elements, there is opportunity to create buzz around the product. A great example being: Reddit. Process AG designed and manufactured a custom shipper box that could later be converted into a cat house! Customers raved over the clever design and posted photos of their cats actually putting the shipper box to use. This naturally created conversation about Reddit in a way that spread light on the company for being clever and innovative.


Let’s Create Together

Process is a design and manufacturing company that takes packaging to the next level. We introduce the “face” of companies to customers through innovative packaging and custom shipper boxes. Our mission is to strategically boost product sales through creative packaging catered to each brand.

Custom-shipper box-e-commerce packaging

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Jaybird | Custom VIP Box | Packaging Case Study

Jaybird pioneered the Bluetooth wireless sports earbud and remains a leader in the space. They approached Process with the need to create custom VIP box packaging experience that would create an impact when delivering their newest line of earbuds to key influencers, ambassadors, and executives. We created a VIP unboxing experience by first starting with a matte black turned edge box. The box emulated their retail packaging in form but was enlarged to accommodate the multiple products that would need to be held inside. The graphic application to the outer box is purposefully understated with spot uv treated logos and a branded fabric puller. Once opened the recipient is immediately greeted with a screen printed acrylic sheet that sits flush with the top edge of the box. This sheet is meant to be a physical and visual hard stop and deliver key brand messaging. The acrylic sheet is then removed to reveal the product that is custom fit to the inside of the box using die-cut EVA foam inserts. The headphone box presentation was enhanced by using the EVA foam to elevate the product and be flush with the top edge of the box.

Packaging Substrate / Materials:

• Paper wrapped box - 1200 gsm grey board with dull finish flexo print and blind spot UV
• Internal screen printed acrylic sheet
• Die-cut black EVA foam
• Custom printed and die-cut corrugated shipper box to protect the internal box


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Goal Zero | Retail Packaging Design | Packaging Manufacturing

goal zero custom packaging


Our USA design team is ready for your custom packaging project!


Goal Zero Packaging | Case Study

Goal Zero is the industry leader in the emerging portable solar power market. As an exploding start up, Goal Zero needed finished, retail-ready packaging that was up to par with their cutting edge products. They came to Process for support in design collaboration, feasibility of design, testing, and providing full packaging manufacturing.


Goal Zero required packaging that would accommodate a product line with a wide range of purchase price points. They were also concerned about damaged packaging and theft. While addressing these needs, Process provided Goal Zero with packaging that would also create a unique and personal customer experience, at both the retail and post-purchase levels. The packaging also helped consumers become accustomed to the new brand, and provide them with a specific level of education about the products in order to adequately support them in their purchase.


After extensive product packaging testing, Process designed a handmade box with a magnetic flap that revealed the product, while concealing the cords and adaptors for each product.

Goal Zero Retail Packaging Design Materials:

  • Dull coated paper laminated over board
  • 4/4 color with spot UV for additional detail.
  • The outside cover overhangs the interior box to emphasize a book like appearance.
  • An embroidered fabric pull tab on the bottom gives attention to the small detail. This gives the consumers cues to access the product.
  • The retractable metal hang tab allows the package to be hung or stacked for display.
  • The packaging feels hefty and significant, like a gift or coffee table book, the customer experience is enhanced both in retail and post-purchase settings.
  • The product is fully enclosed and provides additional structure, the issues of theft and damages is resolved in the new custom packaging.
  • Interior structures included using a custom molded PET cavity insertion and uniquely designed product suspension.
  • The flap also added additional room for education through a carefully produced system of iconography and typography.

The Result

The end result of this project landed Goal Zero with a cohesive brand across multiple platforms. The packaging system and style guide of rules now are now in place. This allows the packaging to maintain consistency when new products are added to the line.

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5 Reasons to Custom Produce Your Next Marketing Campaign

custom promotional product- nickelodeon

1) Impact

Will your promotional product leave an impression? Or will you sacrifice impact because of limited timeline? Will it be looked at as another low brow advertisement and be easily forgotten, or will it be the golden product that sets a new standard?

To increase ROI, the product must carry a higher perceived value. To truly align with a client’s marketing objectives you must integrate at a deeper level within their business and learn the pain point the marketing team is aiming to overcome. This not only makes you a valuable asset to their business. Additionally, you will unlock a longer timeline to work within, giving you an even greater opportunity to produce a product that makes an impact.

cardboard packaging-skullcandy-Retail-pop

A survey issued by PPAI asked, “Are more expensive gifts perceived differently than inexpensive ones?” The answer, “If a logo-imprinted promotional product perceived to be expensive was handed out, the majority of respondents say they would believe the item was given to them as both an advertising medium and a gift”.

Furthermore, that same group surveyed answered “if a logo-imprinted promotional product perceived to be inexpensive was handed out, the majority of respondents say they would believe the item was given to them as an advertising medium”.

This key distinction between gift and advertising brings us to our next reason, shareability.

2) Shareability

Marketing products now need to activate and engage with the recipient so deeply that theyneed to share it across their social platforms…

Marketing products existed long before social media and therein lies the problem. It’s time to adapt. Expectations have never been higher and will only continue to grow as our technology becomes more advanced. If you aren’t delivering a product worthy of sharing digitally, then you are leaving the majority of marketing ROI on the table. This is no secret, as every agency has specialized digital marketing teams whose sole goal is promoting brand messaging into the web of social networks.

Marketing products now need to activate and engage with the recipient so deeply that they need to share it across their social platforms.

The upside to the millennial generation is that when you actually connect with them, they will go out of their way to share the experience with friends and colleagues. It is because of this hyper-connectivity in social media that it becomes essential to deliver a product worthy of sharing.

3) Retention

We won’t even get started on the difficulty and cost of winning the attention of new customers…

Any coincidence that attention rhymes with retention?

Attention spans have never been shorter and because of this, it has never been harder for brands to keep customers looking in their direction.

Creating loyalty and retention takes more than a screen-printed $0.99 promotional product. Keeping your customers loyal is exponentially cheaper in the long run, as opposed to attracting new ones. This makes it essential that your team is able to deliver a wide range of capabilities in custom products. This will again resolve a major pain point for most of your clients and reaffirm that you are invaluable to their marketing objectives.

4) Experience

The evolution of promotional products carries the great burden of staying ahead of the curve…

One of the fundamental goals of marketing is to create an experience. The evolution of marketing products carries the great burden of staying ahead of the curve. By providing memorable assets you will fuel a memorable experience.

When done correctly promotional products elevate an experience to live on in the minds of customers long after the event. Just look at what music festivals and Las Vegas nightclubs have grown into in the last 5 years. They have figured out the level of experience needed to connect with modern music fans and custom promotional products play a heavy role in this.

Look no further than the music festival Coachella. Their fully customized giveaways and freebies are delivered by festival sponsors and by the festival itself when you purchase a ticket.  (welcome box)

5) Margin

At long last, the holy grail of custom promotional product manufacturing, the increased margin.

Along with the increased value you are able to provide clients, custom marketing products carry increased margin as well.

By working directly with our factory partners you gain access to full product margin with no middlemen.

In summary,

  • One aspect of marketing that has stood the test of time is promotional products. However, expectations have increased and those that stay ahead of the curve will see the biggest success.
  • Millennial social media networks unlock the unlimited potential for brand exposure if approached strategically.
  • Think “gift” not “advertisement”.
  • A custom product will always deliver a greater impact and exponentially increase overall ROI.
  • It has never been more important to offer increased promotional sales solutions to your clients.
  • you can increase your margin when working factory direct and not 3rd party middlemen.


How Online Retail has Reinvented Packaging

As we all know, online shopping has become the norm. We shop online with no hesitation and the internet is where the lion share of sales will continue to take place. The method in which retailers and brands deliver an experience to customers has evolved from the traditional brick and mortar model, where large marketing budgets are spent on exclusive retail displays. It is the cardboard box and poly mailer that serve as the first touch point with customers and for the growing number of online only retail businesses, your door step is their new in-store display.

…Your door step is their new in-store display.

Shopping habits are constantly changing, whether we accept it or not and we can safely say that an updated delivery experience is in demand as we speak. Here are the three main reasons for the shift away from traditional packaging.

Brand Awareness

The traditional shipper box or poly mailer isn’t exciting, yes, for the package recipient the product that lies inside is what is really interesting. However, this is already a missed opportunity to promote and reinforce a brand experience and messaging. We can all agree that even a companies logo printed on a bag or box creates a higher perceived value but why stop there?

These boxes never go unnoticed. Successful online retailers have taken full advantage of this potential marketing space and know the value it holds. A typical package will get delivered to a home, apartment, dorm room or office building, and come across many potential customers along the way to its final owner. You may even spot them in the recycling bin. With this in mind, packaging should tell the brand story while also increasing the perceived value of the brand. Birch box has done this masterfully with the customization of their monthly subscription boxes.

Visual Experience through Collaboration

Custom packaging is now a place for brands to collaborate and create a visual experience. Successful online retailers have taken full advantage of this new marketing space and use it to their advantage. Large online retailers deliver packages to hundreds of thousands of customers and the opportunity to get seen by their target customers is a sure thing. This isn’t the same for digital advertising that can be easily skipped and is heavily saturated with advertiser dollars all competing for consumer attention.

A good example of packaging collaboration can be seen in the Amazon recently yellow boxes to promote the Minions movie.

In online retail, the end recipient is guaranteed to see the packaging and will be likely to share it with their friends if the correct experience is engineered.

With every custom package comes the opportunity to create sharability.

Social Sharability

We can’t stress the importance of sharability enough, not because it’s buzz word but because of how effective it can be in retaining and attracting new customers organically.

You can understand the value a package has when it engages a customer in such an impactful way that they then post it to social media for all of their friends to see. This opportunity unlocks a whole new opportunity for customer engagement and proves that packaging should be developed with sharability in mind.

Additionally, packages now have the potential to live far beyond their intended life cycle and be ingrained into the fabric of modern social interactions. What was once a boring brown bag or box now acts as a social bragging right. Thus creating an even larger need for meaningful package design.

A perfect example of this can be seen in our work with the online giant, Reddit.

Viral Packaging Case Study: The Reddit Cat Box

Reddit holds steady as an online powerhouse and serves as one of the largest user content generated websites in the history of the internet.

When it came time for them to monetize a product for their online community they knew a traditional delivery experience wasn’t enough to create the viral buzz they were looking to generate. They instead teamed up with Process AG to re-think how the basic cardboard box could have a second life with customers and thus, the Reddit Cat Box was born.

The actual products that Reddit was selling in the box was not significant. Customers could easily go to many other online retailers for the exact same cat products, what it came down to was the packaging. The shipping box that delivered the products could be repurposed to create a cat house instead of being thrown away. Any cat owner knows that cats LOVE boxes.

It was in this strategic and purposeful experience that Reddit had created what we now call, viral retail packaging. An overwhelming amount of customers who received one of these packages posted pictures of it online and on social media, organically sharing their packaging experience with others.

In summary:

  • For online retailers packaging is the new in-store display.
  • Direct to consumer packaging is the first touch point with customers and has the ability to increase brand exposure.
  • Boxes and mailers are new mediums for brand collaborations and cross promotion.
  • Packaging can activate a sharing experience with recipients by them posting pictures online and on social media.

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Raw Material Packaging Makes a Difference with Marley

Marley is a brand and an icon steeped in history. When it came to developing packaging for their signature line of audio products it was essential that the packaging reflected the brand ethos using raw and natural materials. However, with that comes the challenge and complications of manufacturing eco friendly substrates at a high quality production level.

Raw material goods can be costly and require quality control procedures that understand all plausibility of challenges. The right overseas team, supply chain, paired with the right manufacturing support was key to successfully execute the final manufacturing. This also ensured that the brands eco integrity was upheld while delivering packaging that was at the standard required for large retailers around the globe.

custom green packaging portfolio_marley03 portfolio_marley04 portfolio_marley05